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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Four kilometers south of the center, just south of Torpgärdan, is a rural area with villas, horse farms and a number of small industries: Bränslan. The area was established on former forest land as part of the municipality’s investment in the horse industry. Generous plots were offered, with permission to build stables included in the purchase. In addition to the proximity of fine riding and driving routes in the surrounding forest and land, the area has both a veterinary clinic and a riding club. Both residents and workers in the area value the rural, peaceful atmosphere and the proximity to Boden’s city center. The area is close to road 97 with bus communications and a cycle path. A new bus stop is being built adjacent to the area, with safe access via a pedestrian tunnel.

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  • 1. "The feeling of living in the countryside" Residents in Bränslan emphasize the sense of freedom that comes with living in the countryside and within easy reach of both Boden's city centre and Sävast. "You can walk to Sävast in twenty minutes."
    The large plots mean that each house has plenty of space around it, with room for play equipment, cultivation, a pool and more.
  • 2. Nature The area is located close to nature, geographically between two former fortifications that are now recreational areas: Gruvberget and Åberget. Gruvberget has high natural values with old pine forest and rare orchid species. There is a toboggan run and a downhill ski slope with a lift. Friluftsfrämjandet has its clubhouse here and organizes outdoor activities all year round. Södra Åbergsfortet offers floodlit trails, ski trails, nice paths, riding and driving routes (recently upgraded), and is also a popular place for climbing. The mountain is also home to the Scout Association's cabin.
  • 3. Equine activities On the edge of Torpgärdan's western industrial area, Bodens Ridklubb offers riding activities for different target groups. For those who want to walk or cycle there is a safe pedestrian and cycle path. Bodentravet and the horse clinic are also in the vicinity.
  • 4. Dog activities With large villa plots and proximity to the forest, Bränslan is a dog-friendly area. There is also a dog day care center and in Torpgärdan a bookable hall for dog training, courses and competitions.
  • 5. Bus connections Commuting to Luleå is excellent as line 30 (with two departures per hour) passes the area along road 97. Bodens Citybuss also serves the area with daytime and evening departures (not Sundays). For students attending Torpgärdsskolan there is a school bus.

About the area

Boden is the most horse-dense municipality in northern Sweden and is also home to the country’s northernmost racetrack. The horse industry, with its roots in the cavalry and in the extensive construction that created the forts, is today one of the municipality’s pronounced growth areas. The Fuel Horse Village is a unique expression of the efforts made to promote operators in the sector. The area was originally forest land, which began to be developed in the 1980s. Initially, land buyers were required to build stables for horse keeping, but today other buyers can also be considered.


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