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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Norra Svartbyn stretches along the northern shore of Svartbyträskets and is an old agricultural settlement dating back to the Middle Ages. During the 1970s and 80s, the village’s central location became interesting for the development of modern residential areas, but the rural character was still preserved. The village is characterized by a mixed, sparse settlement with farms, log buildings, turn-of-the-century villas and more modern residential buildings. The area is quiet and close to nature, “perfect for dog owners” and others who want to be close to the forest and countryside. The heart of the village is Svartbygården, an old school that has been renovated and used as a village hall. The building includes a library, kitchen, stage and meeting rooms. The Norra Svartbyn Association and other local associations organize a variety of activities such as exhibitions, Christmas markets, children’s theatre performances and pub nights. The village has a nursery school while primary school (age 6-12) is located in the neighboring village a few kilometers away. Today it is home to around 500 people, many of them pensioners who moved in during the 1970s and 80s, but more and more families with children are moving in. The spirit of the village is often described as open and optimistic. “It’s easy to get people together and do things”.

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  • 1. Urban with rural character Living in Norra Svartbyn means living close to nature with access to meadows, mountains, forest and water - and "just the right distance" to the city. Among the advantages that residents like to highlight are the peace and quiet and the frequent organization of fun activities involving many villagers. With the element of nature, old buildings and plenty of horses, there is plenty for children to experience.
  • 2. Svartbygården The local village association runs the village's combined village hall and cultural center. The popular meeting place contains a library and bookable rooms for club meetings, private functions, creative activities and events. There is access to a stage, screen and projector, sound system and bar (Teaterbaren) and a well-equipped kitchen. Outdoors, there is room for a variety of outdoor activities. A brand new playground is currently being planned. Next to the village farm there is also a baker's cottage run by the Svartby villagers, which can be rented for baking, meetings and small events.

  • 3. Village library Since the fall of 2005, the library has been run by a group within the village association, which took over what was then the branch of the Boden City Library. The library is an important meeting place where villagers can meet for a coffee and browse the wide range of book titles, audio books and magazines. The library also hosts regular activities such as the Knitting and Crafts Café and Open Preschool.
  • 4. Skating rink, ski trails and fire pit areas The village association is responsible for flushing the skating rink at Svartbygården, as well as for laying ski trails in the terrain and maintaining fire pit areas.
  • 5. Landscape The surrounding agricultural landscape around the village, the barn landscape, is of cultural-historical interest and has so-called landscape image protection, intended to protect particularly attractive landscapes.

About the area

Svartbyn is first mentioned in the 1543 land register as one of several villages in Överluleå parish. The village at this time consisted of a series of farms along the lake Svartbyträsket. Rooted in a pre-modern agrarian society, today Norra Svartbyn is boldly reaching for the future with a new industrial establishment: H2 Green Steel’s plant for the production of fossil-free green steel. The establishment, starting in 2024, entails major changes for the village, which has led to a close dialog between the village, municipality and company, with the village association acting as a coordinating channel. A positive effect of the new development is an increased interest in the village and its identity, which has increased the membership of the village association, resulting in new ideas and activities.


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