Welkom bij #Närhetslivet

Welkom bij #Närhetslivet

In Boden leven we #närhetsliv. Daarmee bedoelen we het leven waarin je dichtbij alles bent wat belangrijk is en nog een beetje meer – activiteiten voor kinderen, werk, scholen, culturele evenementen, aantrekkelijke huizen, winkels en prachtige natuur.

In the midst of the green revolution, we want to give individuals the space to make their journey. We are committed to developing and offering attractive, sustainable living environments where people feel good and can thrive in both urban and rural areas. We are creating new residential areas with a variety of housing types, strengthening the range of leisure activities and making major investments in schools and care services.

Närhetslivet is for everyone

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Regardless of whether you come here from Luleå, Stockholm or Somalia, we will create an inclusive climate where everyone feels a sense of belonging, security and an opportunity for development. Therefore, it is logical that people come here to start a business, study indie game development or just to seek a new lifestyle. Everyone should feel welcome.

We have job opportunities

In Boden, there are plenty of job opportunities in most industries and unemployment is among the lowest in the country. There are jobs in health and social care, teaching, computing/IT, construction, transport and industrial manufacturing – and much more.

In 2020 the company H2 Green Steel announced that they are planning a plant for large-scale production of green steel and green hydrogen in Boden. 1500 jobs are being created here when the steel plant is operational from 2025, and around 5,000 during the construction time. That means we need more residents in Boden and the whole community is gearing up. When indirect jobs are also counted, the major investment is expected to provide up to 10,000 new jobs in many different industries. It can be about everything from housing construction, infrastructure, schools and education to trade, culture and leisure. And it’s just one of several major initiatives in Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

Thanks to the proximity between Boden and Luleå, the two towns have a common labour market and many people commute across the municipal border, which takes barely 30 minutes. This means even more jobs to choose from for you who are considering moving to Boden.

Some people think that there are no exciting jobs in Norrbotten, but that’s simply not true, there are lots of exciting jobs at a high level. One advantage is that it can actually be easier to land the job of your dreams here than in a big city, since there is less competition among job seekers.


We have a business community in strong growth and we are considered to have Norrbotten’s best business climate, Boden is ranked 44th out of the country’s 290 municipalities. Our entrepreneurs are very satisfied with the municipality’s support and proximity to decisions. In Boden, there are five identified priority growth areas where we see particularly high potential; electricity-intensive industries, creative and cultural industries (including game development), environmental technology, equine industry and trade and hospitality.

Since H2 Green Steel announced its establishment, we are seeing a large influx of other companies wanting to set up here. There are good opportunities here both for those who see a future as an employee in a company and those who want to start or move their business to Boden.


In Boden, nature is always close and we have a rich outdoor life, which is a big reason why many people choose to live here or move here. Whether you prefer magnificent views, quiet forests or rippling water, you will find it all here, usually just around the corner. This is what we call #närhetsliv .


Real forest with tall pines that have grown strong for a hundred years, where all you hear is the birds’ song and the wind rustling among the treetops. You are close to it wherever you choose to settle in Boden.

Here we have a rich flora and fauna, always close. In addition to the occasional hare, fox, capercaillie or owl, you will probably encounter the king of the forest at some point. In the winters, there are cross-country ski trails in virtually every village and district thanks to our indispensable enthusiasts around the municipality. And of course countless winding paths to hike. Our fields are rich in berries that have ripened in the midnight light. You can find lingonberries and blueberries everywhere, but the golden cloudberry bogs can be a hidden treasure chests. Welcome to the peace, quiet and tranquility.


Straight through the municipality of Boden, the Lule River flows with Sweden’s probably closest salmon fishery and also an important source of sustainable green energy. A little further north we find the unregulated and beautiful Råneälven with its rushing rapids and rich fishing waters. Along the banks of the river there is a long line of picnic areas with bars and fireplaces well worth a day trip with or without a fishing rod. In the summer, we prefer to swim in the nearest best lake, dive from jetties and swim out into dark waters under bright night skies.


The city is surrounded by mountains and the hilly landscape is an important part of our image of Boden. If you like skiing, you have really come to the right place. In Boden municipality, there are three ski slopes in different sizes that fit everything from the smallest lad to the alpine national ski team.

Boden’s fortress with its forts and strongholds around the city evokes memories of the past and the adventurer’s desire to discover. Here, the hilly landscape is a matter of course and the many mountain peaks are yours to explore, whether you can not get enough of the breathtaking views or the tickling feeling in your stomach a ride on a mountain bike can give.

Your guide to life in Boden

Close to the city's nightlife

Have fun with a brunch of close friends at Färgaregatan, try the week’s locally produced craft beer at Bryggmästarn with colleagues or take the family out for dinner on the M/S Bränna overlooking the beautiful Bodträsket at sunset. Or why not a glass of bubbly before the evening’s performance at Sagateatern? If it’s drinks and a dance floor into the late hours you want, we have that here too. In Boden, you’re close to high-quality food and drink in tasteful surroundings, but as always, everything is so much more enjoyable when you’re with good friends. Proximity is good, both for people and food.

Perhaps it is in the countryside that we find the best gastronomic experiences. Arctic Bath and Treehotel in Harads and Restaurant Kallkällan in Sörbyn, are investing in first-class menus with locally produced ingredients prepared with the utmost finesse, also in fantastic environments well worth a visit.

In the central city we find Bryggmästarn, a restaurant and pub with its own brewery that opened its doors in the spring of 2020 and has become a watering hole and extra living room for Bodensare of all ages. The nightlife is usually liveliest at Western Farm, especially during the summer, but their Christmas table with shows has also become an appreciated tradition. M / S Bränna has a popular outdoor terrace next to the beautiful Bodträsket in the summer, but also a restaurant, lounge and nightclub. A high-end luxury hotel with a spa is planned here, which in the future may be another reason to visit Boden.

Living on the country side

From the kitchen window you can see the horses grazing in the pasture, children with bare feet running in and out as they please and for dinner you eat potatoes, vegetables and herbs from your own garden. The dream of a life in the countryside is becoming more and more common – and in Boden it can become a reality.

In Boden, the countryside is very much alive. After many years of depopulation, many of Boden’s villages are now experiencing the opposite – there is a growing interest in moving to the countryside. Often it is the proximity to nature and a quieter life that attracts, but also larger areas and opportunities to keep animals and grow their own food. Some are talking about a new green wave sweeping across Sweden, both in the wake of the pandemic and the climate crisis, and perhaps there is something in that.

Boden’s villages also have a rich associative life, including Skogså IF and Bredåkers and Alträsk village associations and many others that bring the countryside to life. Driven enthusiasts and volunteers make life here even more enjoyable. In the Råne River Valley, Edefors and Unbyn, there are economic associations that all make a strong contribution to the development of their respective districts.

How does moving to Sweden work?

Sweden is a highly digital country so when you move to Sweden there are lots of things you will need to know. To try and make it easier for you, we have made this page with some tips.

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Start a business in Boden Sweden

Starting a business in Boden can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for a place with a supportive business climate and access to skilled workers.

One of the advantages of starting a business in Boden is the municipality’s strategic location. Boden is situated at the crossroads of several major transportation routes, including the E4 highway and the Iron Ore Line railway. This makes it easy for businesses to transport goods and connect with other parts of Sweden and Europe.

Moreover, Boden has a well-educated and skilled workforce, thanks to the presence of several educational institutions in the region, including the Luleå University of Technology and Boden Business Park. This creates a pool of talent that is readily available to businesses, both large and small.

Boden also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with a supportive business ecosystem that includes Boden Business Agency and Boden Business Par. These organizations provide assistance to entrepreneurs in various aspects of starting and growing a business, including financing, business planning, and networking.

Another factor that contributes to Boden’s business climate is the municipality’s commitment to sustainability. Boden has set ambitious goals for reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy, which can create opportunities for businesses in the clean energy sector.

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